This is why we hate underground carparks

So this happened at work the day after I put the new roofracks and awning on the van.

Logs show my swipe wasn’t registered the first time, but the door stayed up because the car in front was a visitor and the roller was being manually operated by a guard. Usually the door will slam shut very fast after a car goes through. It didn’t seem to register the van as well as I drove forward, despite sensors the whole way up the sides and the van getting 1m into the doorway before the roller came down.

Minor scrapes to the awning cover are easily covered with duct tape, but the roller door had to get the entire rear seal replaced and there’s some gouges out of the aluminium of the door. I think the van wins this round. Work carpark is 2.3m, van just fits under 2.2m at home.

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