A quick little trip – Cotter Campground

This was a very small little trip compared with our last one. For Rosie’s birthday, we decided to do an overnight stay at Cotter Campground a few kilometers outside of Canberra with a big group of our friends. This is a very popular campground and its easy to see why. It’s very close to the city, it’s a nice location, there’s a lot of spots to choose from, there’s no bookings, the facilities are very well kept and the river is excellent to swim in.

Heaps of room for a picnic, even if you can’t find a campsite

Be warned though – there’s often large groups of rowdy people at this campground. Fortunately, this night it was us.

Not all of our friends are as camping friendly as we are, so we were incredibly pleased when so many people stayed the night. One couple had bought an all new tent, sleeping bags, mattress and camp chairs the night before. We set up our old tent for the first time since having the van – definitely don’t miss that process, though there’s a lot to be said for having a place you can stand up in to get changed without flashing everyone. Those that couldn’t stay overnight still turned up (very close to town!) and had a swim or enjoyed a BBQ lunch.

She really liked that sparkling wine….

The weather was pretty good, despite threatening with thunderstorms at dusk. There was a very light shower, but after a 36 degree day that just cooled us off. The water was great, but swimming at night was bloody cold! We got to the campsite around 11am and staked out a good spot, which was just as well as more and more people turned up that afternoon looking for places to set up camp. I think a few of them drove around, found it full and just left. All the camper trailer/caravan sites were rocky and taken up, so we just parked on the side of the road and set up over the border boulders. It worked quite well, have to say.

A big thank you to everyone for coming along and saying hi to Rosie and myself for Rosie’s birthday. After the success of this trip I think we’ll be planning plenty more large scale camping trips. We may even convince Loz to camp.

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