2nd Trip – Wee Jasper

Two night trip down to Wee Jasper with a bunch of different friends. Hot as hell, so most of the time was spent under a bridge sitting in the water while drinking and pretending to be trolls.

Van worked very well and we’d learnt a lot from the last time we took it out. We brought a proper doona this time as with all the doors open there’s a good breeze coming through the van and it can get a little cold, even if during the day it’s 39 degrees.

Solar setup worked exactly as planned. Only 3 or 4 adjustments during the day to follow the sun, and we had full batteries at the end of the day, even with the fridge running the whole time. The amount of solar panels outside every campsite was amazing – I’m just glad my 200W eBay specials worked and actually fit in the van like they’re supposed to.

Solar (above)

We did forget our camp chairs for this trip, but fortunately we had packed two blow up couches. Not the traditional kind – the new sausage shaped ones you need to run around like an idiot with trying to catch a breeze to inflate. They worked alright and provided entertainment when they needed to be refilled. See friend below trying to fill up a giant bag with air on a hot and humid day with no wind.

We had a heap of good friends join us on this trip, so a big shout out to everyone that came along.

It was HOT, but the stream was lovely. Wee Jasper is highly recommended as a campsite, though it does get busy.


View from our bed (above)

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