Dragon Dreaming 2018

After a very successful festival last year (Dragon Dreaming 2017), we decided to go again. Well, I went, and Rosie stayed at home this year. We kept in contact via sat phone though. This trip was probably the last time the van will head out in its current configuration. After Christmas day, we’ll be needing a baby seat, so it may be back to tenting for our little family next year.

The festival was celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, but everything was very similar to last year. The music was good and with 4 stages it was easy to find something you like. We helped out everyone around us, just like last year, with battery power, duct tape, alfoil, jump starts and all sorts of other bits and pieces. We were unable to provide a jeweller’s scale though, despite three different people asking around for one.

The highlight of this years Dragon was having the roof platform on the van. With a ladder to get up on the side, we found you could comfortably fit three people up there as well as a small supply of drinks. Great way to spend the festival looking over the tents and vans towards the lake.

Not going to do a huge write up for this particular trip as it wasn’t really the same without Rosie there, but here’s a couple of dot points about the whole thing:

  • Rosie is the neat one. Both vans and the area around them was very untidy by the end of the first night. Packing up took ages because Rosie wasn’t there.
  • We strung a hammock between the two vans. Two naps resulted from said innovation.
  • I would really like to make the awning better during high winds. I’m thinking of pegging down the uprights, but more thought required.
  • Weather was good, a bit of rain on the first day and as we were leaving, but overall much warmer than previous year. Lots of dust.
  • The police got upset with the skinny dippers and topless women (Won’t someone think of the children!) and asked people to cover up. It backfired, and even more people decided to strip off throughout the festival.
  • Didn’t watch the sun rise this year, but got very close. Sleep was pretty important.
  • A lot of Delica’s were out – had a chat with a few owners and had a poke around their setup.
  • Sat phones are a throwback to a simpler time – T9 texting and no text prediction after some beers and wine made replying very difficult sometimes.
  • Elle and Casey are fantastic festival buddies.

Kids were dragged around in these little decorated trolleys, most with ear protection on. Very cute to see a bunch of them parked next to each other at the back of a dance area.
View from the top of the van.
Friendly people

Hobbit feet
Great costumes everywhere

We got some poi to spin around and hurt ourselves with.
The UV body paint demonstration was awesome!

New, improved tent of shame was so useful.

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