Birthdays in Tumut – Feb 2023

Rosie and a close friend of our have very close birthdays, so we often end up combining birthday celebrations. This year we headed back to Tumut for 2 nights for a peaceful weekend in the country.

We didn’t take Ollie or the van, resulting in a stress free and cheap weekend (haha).

We stayed at an Elm Cottage cabin booked through AirBNB. They’re located about 10 minutes outside of town on the banks of the Goobarragandra River. The property is mostly paddocks, though with some lovely gum trees along the river corridor. Highly recommended, this is a lovely location and the cottage was immaculate. Pet friendly as well, so our friends had brought little Reggie along.

We arrived late in the afternoon on Friday after an uneventful drive along the Hume Highway. We could have gone the back way through Brindabella Road like our friends, but we just wanted to get there as quickly as possible.

Once arrived and set up with a beer in hand, we headed down to the river for a quick swim and a lot of drinks. It was quite warm despite the sun starting to set.

That night we had BBQ’d t-bone steaks with potatos and green beans. We watched some movies and terrible TV shows.

The next day, with some of with hangovers, we had some breakfast and then drove into town to finally visit the Tumut Brewery. We eventually found our way to the entrance to this pub, despite the ongoing roadworks and lack of signage around the place. We enjoyed a few tasting paddles of beers and a couple of pizzas here, before heading to the shops to pick up some more drinks and that nights dinner.

Once back at the cabin, we grabbed as many drinks as possible and headed back down to the river, ending up in the same spot we had been in the day before. We spent at least 4 hours down there, with all of us (eventually) enjoying the cool water on a 35 degree day.

After a very long session in which surprisingly none of us got sunburnt, we went back to the cabin and most of us had a nap. Dinner that night was meat and cheese, with a Woolies chook and some rolls after. After a big day we were in bed a lot earlier than the night before.

We packed up the next morning and headed home, with only a single glass broken being the only damage. We left a massive pile of recycling as well.

A big thank you to our friends for the great memories and an excellent weekend.

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