A quick overnight – Honeysuckle campground Mar 2023

In a last minute decision, I headed up to Honeysuckle campground for night camping by with a mate, sans family.

Loading up the van for one person and one night was very simple, and I got there around 5pm. Honeysuckle is only around 25 minutes away from our house, so it was a very quick drive. I’d set up the rooftop tent by the time my mate arrived, taking around 10 minutes all up.

Dinner was simple, soup and bread in front of a fire. An early night at around 10:45. Someone did start playing the drums at around 11pm though, not sure what that was about. It sounded like they also had fireworks as well? Very strange.

The next morning I had a quick breakfast and then packed up and came home. I was even home before Ollie and Rosie had gotten out of bed.

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