Adventure to the mountains

We set off with our normal camping hangovers for Kosciusko National Park. It’s become a habit of ours to only go camping following a night of too many wines.

After a couple of false starts, but a completed check list, we made it onto the highway. We had everything on the list and even managed to get our drinks out of the car which had a sleepover at our friends place.

Oh yeah! That’s the stuff 😉

We remembered everything except my wallet…. which was also in the car…. next the drinks… But you know, gives us a goal for next trip to not forget anything.

Our original plan was to leave early, head to Thredbo and check out the village before having lunch at the Wild Brumby Schnapps distillery. In reality, we did not make excellent time and only just made it to Wild Brumby with minutes to spare.

Set just near Lake Crackenback, the green grass and Austrian style food was a little unexpected, but amazing. Scott has the Goulash and I had the veal burger, accompanied with giant ciders. It was just the kick we needed to shake the cobwebs.

We also had a tasting of the schnapps produced on site. Highlight for me was the Lemonchillo. Compared to previous chellos, this one only has an alcohol content of 18.5% making it less like rocket fuel and more like Cottee’s cordial. Scott loved the Sour Apple – but I think because it brought back his days of Sour Monkey shots before music festivals.

Charming Scott was out, and by the time we had finished our lunch we had recommendations from the locals on what to do next. We headed to Island Bend Campsite, which is back towards Perisher. The camp site was stunning – surrounded by the Thredbo river on all sides. Given how we forgot our camping chairs from our last adventure, we appreciated the setup of tables at every spot.

One of the key activities of camping is setting up the site – something that usually takes at least 45 minutes, followed by a night of ‘heated discussions’. However, credit where credit is due – Scott has made the setup of the van incredibly easy. We pulled up, parking strategically; pulled out the chairs and firewood; put up the insulation on the windows; and then cracked open the beers!

The sun went down, and so did the temperature. You can tell we have been together for nearly 5 years as we went straight to the onesies and $10 flannel shirts (much to my Dad’s horror). This is in comparison to the younger couple who pulled up after us, who obviously still cared what the other one thinks about their fashion.

After a chill night of card games by the fire, we snuggled up which was set to be a 3°C night. The van held up incredibly well. The furnace that I am even got too hot at one stage and had to strip off. Only to need to pee about 2 minutes later, which meant clothes back on. The possums, which had no fear, got quite a show!

Speaking of possums, those little critters had no fear at all! We had left out 2 plastic tubs with some non-perishables next to the van for the night, and the little guys managed to get in there and start munching on just about anything. Scott got up a couple of times to pack away bits and pieces, which I pretended to “sleep through”…. My only give away was giggling every time Scott hit his head getting out of the van.

We woke up the next morning to a very different looking Thredbo, with the cloud cover set in.  I snuggled down while Scott made me coffee (like seriously, can this guy get any cuter?! ) before making a slow start back home.

Long story short: Recommend checking out Island Bend Campsite; Get yourself down to Wild Brumby Schnapps; the van did awesome.

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