Camping…. Indoor style!

This month has been a different approach to camping for us. From our usual style in Kosciuszko National Park; to Glamping in the Kangaroo Valley; to, well, not really camping at all!

With the ANZAC Day Public holiday falling on a Tuesday, we took advantage of the break by taking the Monday off and looked for an escape.

Friends had contacted us that they were catching up with family that we knew in Long Beach, just near Batesman Bay. I was still recovering from a head cold that still hasn’t really shaken off, but after some back and forth between Scott and I, we had made the decision to sneak away for the Saturday night. Communication – it’s the key to any successful relationship!

Rosie may have been under the influence of cider, cold tablets and cocktails at the time of this message

The original plan was to take the proper car in case of the usual traffic to the coast so we could easily zip back and forth. I then started the list in my head of what we would need to pack – clothes, swimmers; drinks; pillows; air mattress pump; hopefully an air mattress with no holes; towels, etc…. Then, an epiphany – all this stuff is already packed and ready to go in the Van!

Setting off again with a slight hangover, we made our way down to the Bay without much traffic on the road. There was even lots of horse floats around that we could blame for any hold ups that the van might cause, but in all honesty, the van kept up really well. We caught up with the crew and had a great night of shenanigans, playing pool and drinking jenja. The mattress was transferred from the van to the living room (next to the heater), making the whole set up maybe 2 minutes maximum.

Classic Batemans

We awoke the next morning with a slightly larger hangover (read: pretty much feeling like death) and after some breakfast, tackling the drive home was not going to be good for anyone. Our friends are slightly more versed in the ways of van travelling, and let us in on a secret spot just around Batehaven.

Secret Spot – basically deserted
Dog friendly too!

This was another first for us. Following the advice from our friends we reversed in and set up facing the beach. The pictures tell a better story than I could! I think its still in my head that the van is a bed, and a bed is for night time, and cars are for carparks only. I have much to learn in the ways of the van!

The outlook – not a bad view to wake up to
A usual trip to the beach means some kind of sunburn plus something sore from sitting on the sand – not with this set up!

After a swim (for me anyways!), a nap, and some greasy fish and chips, we made excellent time on the way home.

Long story short: naps by the beach make for an amazing recovery day; the next 5 day work week is going to hurt!


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