The end state

So, what does a Delica camper look like at the end of this process? I’ve been collecting pictures from the web for a few months now trying to find ideas and inspiration. Here’s a few of my favourites

(apologies if these are your photos, most of these came from sites with no attribution. Contact if you want me to take it down or attribute the photo)


This is very similar to the layout we’re ultimately going for. Big platform bed that has storage underneath. Slide out fridge and bench at the back for easy access to cooking and commonly used gear.


Looking at a plywood construction at least for the back, just so the fridge slide has something to bolt to. 19mm ply seems to be the most common size used, and should be thick enough to support us both with enough bracing. I’ve got the idea that I’ll do the back part separate to the middle, so we can use it in a 4 seat configuration with the middle seats put back it. This would let us have the fridge and kitchen area for camping trips with friends. We’ll see if that’s feasible though.

1923448_10153590400158869_7821103724399259074_n 10295770_10153590401823869_881767599243306978_n 10370819_10153590400128869_168093218106643705_n

Marine grade carpeting will go over everything to keep things easy to clean and looking neat. On top of that, the carpet will cover up any grievous woodworking mistakes I will inevitably make.

12994424_10208890302152734_3394837839793526253_n 13000178_10208890301232711_1370812405773915491_n

The mattress will be the most important part (according to Rosie). It will cover the entire back of the van and will be made of memory foam cut to shape. Everything I’ve sketched out so far has been dependent on the height of the fridge – the taller the fridge, the higher the bed and the less room you have between yourself and the ceiling when sleeping. To keep things as far from coffin like as possible, I’ve gone with an ARB 60L fridge – with a height of 428mm, it seems to be the lowest travel fridge over 40L you can get at the moment. The EvaKools come close and seem like very good units, but they had a couple of faults. First, the 60L was over a metre long due to its unique form factor (compressor is mounted on the side of a standard icebox), and second, the digital control panel for the fridge would have been hidden underneath the platform, making adjustments difficult.


The fridge slide we’ve bought travels out completely from its close position, meaning it will hopefully avoid the need for the hinged platform top as shown in the picture above.

And here’s just some more photos of other builds that I like.

14222333_10154228462570743_9099357726692386956_n 14238217_10154228462705743_7922206829394742239_n 13413135_10157062078080541_3608258137365441499_n 13412997_10157062077435541_4799598380624648122_n

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  1. Sensible Joe
    11 September 2016

    I’m concerned your current plan doesn’t include a wine rack. I think the two of you would greatly benefit from the extra (wine) storage. Perhaps a vertical storage system on similar sliding rail as pictured above should easily accommodate 12-18 bottles; enough for a few days.

    • Scott
      12 September 2016

      Wine storage is definitely part of the design for both whites and reds. The fridge can accommodate a bottle of sparkling standing up, which was an important choice. A built in wine rack with padding will be included in the final design, probably in a box format so it can be removed and kept close to the camp chairs if required.

      • Sensible Joe
        12 September 2016

        You sir, are an ideas man!
        I salute you.
        *holds up glass of wine*

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