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The aim of this page is to keep the world up to date while we transform the Van into a camper, and [eventually] our travels!

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, meet our Delica!


To me, its the big black van that takes me to wineries and on road trips, but I am sure there are actual car things about it…

Scott purchased in the van in October 2015 as a replacement for his Suzuki Vitara. It was a change moving from the 2 seat convertible with limited room, to the 7 seat beast that carries everything. I loved Suzie (as she came known to all those around us) but do not miss the conversations of “We have run of room. Do we take the extra blankets or water?” when packing for camping.

Our mission is to turn the Van into a fully loaded “glamper” travel van. A travel van is a simple and extremely practical camper van conversion (or so they say). It will allow us to take both short and long term holidays, and is one of the most easy and inexpensive ways to travel.

We hope to create a removable fit , which enables two people to live (sleep, eat, and travel) with a level of comfort. The van must be self-sustainable for at least 4 days – meaning we can avoid society without the reliance on water, power, or food from other sources or requiring resupply during this time.

What that looks like and what that includes? We are slowly starting to pull a picture together and hope to bring you on that journey with us (a.k.a. we aren’t really sure, but excited to find out!)

Scott has a vision in his mind about the end product, as well as the avaliable technical skill between us to pull this off, but I have made some specific requirements which will bring a level of comfort to any travel we do. Comfort, in this case, can be defined as:

  • Kitchen equipment including fridge
  • Proper mattress and bedding
  • Appropriate storage of commodities
  • A shower

We have set a deadline for this project for the end of January 2017. This will allow us to get most of the work done over the Christmas break from work, but also [hopefully] leave time to get in a couple more sneaky trips before the end of summer. To help with any procrastination, I will also be using this conversion as the subject of my major assignment for study this semester. Nothing like some deadlines to really move things along…

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